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Rare Ted Flower's "Golden" Royal Pattern Parade Saddle Set
This is a rare Ted Flower's Gold Plated Parade Saddle Set. There many accounts about how many of these were ever made, but personally I have been unable to find out if Ted Flower's actually kept count of how many he produced. If you CLICK HERE it will take you to a press release that states that there were only 6 of these that were ever made. The press release is about a saddle that is now on display at a gallery in Kentucky. That same saddle is also shown on our photos section and was used to show American Saddlebreds until about 5 years ago.

Occasionally you will see some Ted Flower's Saddles with gold plated corner emblems, or even some owner modified saddles where they did plating themselves (usually unable to plate everything after it was produced so they are easy to spot). However these "armor" plated "full gold" rigs are very rare and would be very expensive to re-produce today. They can be really dramatic on certain color horses with a rider turned out in a coordinated suit! They are an example of how riders used to try to "one up" their competitors back in the day.

This set includes the saddle, tapaderos (stirrup covers), breastcollar, bridle, reins, brass inlay bit, serapes, vintage real wool corona blanket, and it even has the hip drop option!

Great saddle if you hate polishing... just a quick "buff" and you are ready to show.

You can tell this set received the best of care over the years. Everything is in great shape and it could go in a parade or National level parade class tomorrow.
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SOLD - Congrats to Deb C on adding this beauty to her stable of fine saddles!