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Indiana Parade Saddle Set with Red Padded Seat
This is a really nice saddle. It is an Indiana Model with a red padded seat and "red brass"(gun metal) horse medallions on the corners. You might ask what is "red brass"(aka gunmetal); here is a link to an explanation : The neat thing about the red brass is that instead of having a "brassy" look; it looks more like gold. It also tarnishes off to a really neat metallic "chestnut" brown if you let it! That can look really striking on certain horses (like a pinto with chestnut spots).

Even though you think of the classic parade saddle as having a red seat... you actually do not come across many in red. Between the golden corners and the red seat this saddle has quite a bit of flavor and displays really nice.

You can tell this set received the best of care over the years. I actually purchased this saddle some time ago from it's second owner whose family purchased it in the sixties. It has some interesting history and I will share that information with the new owner.

This set includes the saddle, the headstall, full silver reins, breastcollar, tapaderos, and serapes. The headstall and reins have all new leather and buckles so you will be ready to go to the next show! Everything is in great shape and it could go in a parade or National level parade class tomorrow. This saddle is a good option for someone who does not want to purchase a saddle and then have to go the additional time and expense of having it restored. It is not missing any silver conchos and any straps or stitching that were not solid have been replaced. The lining on this saddle is also solid.

This saddle is now

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"Red Brass" emblems and Red Seat really make this saddle a Stand Out!