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Ted Flowers "Flower's Special"
Parade Set (page 2 of 3)

The story of a very unique Ted Flower's Saddle continued:

The gun belt and the Crockett Spurs originally belonged to A.E. McCully a longtime lawman from Merced, California. A.E. McCully was a very interesting man who owned a custom sterling Ted Flower's set that he used in the Rose Bowl Parade. You can read more about A.E. McCully by CLICKING HERE.

A.E. McCully worked for the Merced City Police for about 25 years. He sent one of his gun belts to Ted Flowers to have it decorated to match his saddle. So the leather belt itself was not made by Ted Flowers... however all the silver work on the belt was done by Ted Flowers. If you look closely you can see the signature Ted Flower's "horn flower" on each pocket of the holster. This same flower is engraved on many Ted Flower's saddles with a solid metal horn.

The spurs are Crockett spurs and have big rowels that jingle! Over the years I have never come across another Ted Flower's holster! So this is a unique piece. PSA acquired the spurs and holster from Mr. McCully's son when he was selling his Dad's equipment. Last we heard his sterling saddle was still being used in the Rose Bowl parade!

The guns shown are nickel plated movie prop guns. The silver guns with the ivory like grips are very appropriate for a vintage parade saddle. The gun barrel spins and you can load the fake bullets --- but don't worry... they do not fire!


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Close-up of engraving on holster.
Hip Drop accessory