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Ted Flowers
"Flower's Special"
with Horsehead Medallions
Parade Saddle Set
The Horse Culture Museum of China
on their acquisition of this beautiful saddle for their collection.

Back in the day there were several models of parade saddles available in the Ted Flower's catalog. The most expensive model was
"The Ted Flower's Special."

Since this model was very expensive there were not as many purchased and hence you do not run into very many today.

The conchos (silver pieces) on this model are much smaller than what you generally find on the other Ted Flower's models. The pattern that the conchos are laid out in are also much more intricate. For that reason they would have been more expensive to produce than the other models.

This particular "Special" was originally purchased as part of a "His & Her's" set. The couple who originally owned it had a son who competed all over the US and Canada (Calgary Stampede)in rodeos. They followed their son to all his events and rode their own horses in the Grand Entry parades. They used the 2 Flower's Special saddles.

When they retired from rodeo they sold the two sets to a lady from Texas who entered many parades all over Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana with her Tennessee Walking Horses. She had quite a few parade sets. It was not unusual for her to tack up several of her horses, load them in the trailer, and head out to a parade. Her horses were so well trained that when she got there she would ask others if they wanted to ride with her group! (Yes, you need very well trained horses to do that). She and her parade horses won many "best in parade" trophies for her efforts! Her name was Felicia. Felicia was such a big collector that her boyfriend built her a separate air conditioned building to house all of her saddles!

When Felicia retired she sold the 2 Special models to the owners of PSA. The "Her's" saddle is now in a Roy Roger's museum in Canada. This particular saddle is the "His" saddle and has now been part of the PSA collection for many years.

This particualr saddle has the larger padded white seat. Over the years the owner of PSA has done some restoration to this set and also added some accessories to it.

This set consists of the following:
The saddle
(2)tapaderos (stirrup covers)
Fancy black Aluminum Western Bit with Etching
(2) Full silver reins
Serapes - ( 2 panels)
Hip Drop
Genuine Vintage Wool Corona Blanket
A set of Fancy Crockett Parade Spurs
A double holster Gun Belt
2 Nickel plated Pistols

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Crockett Spurs
Gunbelt, pistols, and spurs!
Tapadero wih horseheads