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Ted Flowers Indiana Model Saddle
The "Spot Shop" Custom
"Big Chief Ray"
Magnificent! Extra large custom parade set with a "The Spot Shop" seat plate.

Features jeweler's bronze Indian heads throughout.... a very impressive saddle.

After you spend hours polishing one of these beauties you get rather attached! This saddle is nicknamed after its former owner -- a 90 year old cattleman named Raymond!

This saddle is the ultimate for the astute collector. Many unique and lavish features.

First off, most Ted Flower's saddles were not marked... so when they are; it makes them much more special. This saddle is clearly marked, "The Spot Shop - Alexandria, IND", on the seatplate behind the horn

Oh, and this saddle is COVERED in jewelers bronze Indian Heads. As a collector -- I just love Indian Head sets. You just do not come across them as often. I love the detail in the faces! The golden emblems really give this saddle beautiful contrast; especially against the russet brown padded seat!

This saddle is also larger in many ways than the typical Ted Flowers Saddle you still find in circulation today. Most saddles you find have 27 inch long skirts than hang down approx. 14.5 inches. This saddle has skirts that are 31 inches long and hang down about 16 inches. The fenders (stirrup leathers) are also wider than typical, and the tapaderos (stirrup covers) are longer by about 2.5 inches. If you already have other Ted Flowers saddles in your collection this one will stand out because of its sheer size.

Here is another very unusual feature that you see rarely on a Ted Flower's saddle. This saddle has Blevins Buckles! If you have ever struggled with the usual Ted Flowers stirrup leather hardware--- you will love this saddle. Take your tapaderos off in seconds without swearing!

This set consists of the following:
The saddle
(2)tapaderos (stirrup covers)
Headstall (no bit)
(2) Full silver reins
Serapes - ( 2 panels)

To have a really nice restoration you have to start out with a great saddle that has been well cared for over the years. This saddle was in good condition but needed some repair as it is over 50 years old. This saddle has been gone over and the expensive restoration work has been done. It has it's original finish and the patina on the leather is beautiful (another plus for the serious collector).

Please do not confuse a parade rig like this with a moldy old one you find in a classified ad or a rebuilt barn junker. This saddle is most suitable for a serious saddle or western memorabilia collector. Or if you are a horse owner, as most collectors are, it can take a trip to your favorite World Championship Show!

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If you are looking for a saddle that is the VERY BEST... this may be the one for you! Email us by clicking on the button below, and tell us you are interested in The Big Chief Ray saddle.

SOLD ! Congratulations to the Horse Culture Museum of China on their acquisition of this fine saddle
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