Rare Ted Flower's "Golden" Parade Chief Pattern Saddle Set with Indian Heads
Susan Norton of Georgia was kind enough to provide us with this photo of a Ted Flowers gold plated saddle. The saddle is owned by a friend of Susan's and she ordered it new from the Ted Flowers "Spot Shop" in the 1960's. It is a great example of how parade competitors always tried to "one up" the competition with fancier and more original saddles. This saddle has been used exclusively on American Saddlebred horses. Most purists consider American Saddlebreds the premier parade horse breed-- they are valued for their flashy animated trot. This saddle was made for the Saddlebred Royal Entertainer who trotted to an unprecedented 165 parade saddle championships with it in the 1960's. The owner of the saddle occasionally allows Susan Norton the opportunity to use the saddle for parades. The horse in this photo is Susan's American Saddlebred "Amos" along with a friend. Susan is an active Saddlebred promoter and she can often be seen at parades with a collection of Saddlebreds with beautiful parade saddles!

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Courtesy of Susan Norton