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Warning: This website was set up in order to share information...and it has helped many people over the years learn more about these great saddles.It is for your reading or viewing pleasure only. Do not copy photos, graphics, or text from this website without permission... it is copyright infringement. In some cases we will allow use, but we will require that we are given credit. Use the Contact Us button above to reach us.
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How to use the Photo Viewer - There are approx 23 photos in this viewer. It starts automatically. If you want to pause the viewer on a particular photo push the small circle with the 2 lines through it that is to the right of the "film strip". To restart the viewer click on the same button. You may also double click on any of the photos in the viewer and then they will open up in a new window. If you have trouble with the photos or would like larger photos email us at the PSA and we will just email you the files so you can see them.
Ted Flowers "Parade Chief" Saddle
This Ted Flowers Parade Chief model has been cared for meticulously and it really shows. Another great example of a collector quality saddle from the PSA's own private collection.

The Parade Chief model is identified by what was called the "raised sunburst square concho... 4 tiny squares in one". Each concho has 4 little squares in it that form little pyramids that really reflect light brilliantly. The Parade Chief is a great model to use in the show ring!

As a matter of fact the National Champion Parade horse at the 2013 Morgan Grand National was wearing a Parade Chief model saddle.

Contrary to what many people may think, Ted Flowers saddles were not sold as a "set". Each accessory (taps, breast collar, serape, etc.) were purchased separately.This set includes the saddle tapaderoes, serapes, bridle, full silver reins, breast collar, and the hard to find hip drop. Most sets were not originally ordered with the hip drop accessory.

This saddle also comes with an Abetta corona pad in your choice of yellow, royal blue, brown, or black. Color choice is subject to availability. These pads are great for showing because they give your "turn-out" a nice clean look!

This saddle is about as nice as you can find. The leather has been cleaned and conditioned and exhibits a wonderfully healthy natural patina. Any cracked straps have been replaced and any loose stitching has been repaired. The saddle lining is in excellent clean condition.

Experienced collectors know you are "money ahead" when you purchase a parade saddle that does not need $$$$ in repairs to get it "right." This is a truely 'turn key" saddle. Perfect for someone that values a really nice "ready to ride" saddle. Nice clean, complete saddles like this will always hold their value better than hacked together barn finds!

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SOLD - Congrats to Becky S. on the purchase of this lovely Saddle!