Ted Flower's Chief Deluxe with Indian Heads and Extra Large Skirts
This is a Ted Flowers Chief Deluxe Silver Parade Saddle with Indian Head Medallions. The set includes the saddle, tapaderos, bridle, reins, breastcollar, serapes, corona, and the very rare hip drop!

This saddle is unusual in that it is bigger than most other Flowers. The skirts are 30 in by 15 in so this saddle will look impressive on a larger horse. The fenders (stirrup leathers) are also wider than usually seen at 10 ½ inches, and the tapaderoes are approx 25 inches long. It's a biggie !

Indian head saddles do not seem to come up as often as some of the other patterns. There are 11 photos-- use the small arrows on each side of the film strip to scroll side to side and click on the small photos to enlarge them in the main window. If you are having trouble seeing the photos please email me and I can send them to you attached to an email

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