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Ted Flowers Parade Saddle Model 599
Do you, or any of your friends collect vintage automobiles? Well if you do you are probably familiar with the saying, "You can't restore original."A really nice original trumps all and is difficult to find with these old parade saddles.

This Ted Flowers Model 599 is a great example of a saddle that was cared for meticulously and it really shows. The leather is soft and supple, the lining is solid and really clean, and all the straps are pliable and easy to adjust.

If you have been searching for a 599 to fit into your saddle collection- this is a great one! While it has been used, it is still in amazing condition. It looks practically new and is ready to go in a parade immediately! Look at all the "close up" photos in the viewer below- "Yes" it is really, really extra nice!

The model 599 was Ted Flowers version of the Bohlin "Dick Dickson" saddle which was made popular by icon Roy Rogers.

The 599 has many advantages- one of which is that it is much, much lighter in weight than a full silver rig. This makes it easier for the rider to lift it up on the horses back and of course it also makes for a happier horse!

The 599's are also easier to prepare for a show or parade because there is much less silver to polish!

This saddle features the larger padded seat and what appears to be a wider tree. This set includes the silver headstall, very supple, extra long, harness leather reins, saddle, breastcollar, and corona pad. All the accessories are also in fabulous condition with supple straps that are easy to adjust. This set also comes with an Abetta corona pad in your choice of yellow, royal blue, brown, or black. Color choice is subject to availability.

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